The Survivalist Podcast

Surviving A Crazy World

Episode 20: Survival Hacks with Tim MacWelch

Tim MacWelch, survival trainer and author, returns to the program to discuss survival hacks with Doc Montana. Our host Matt Gould guides Doc Montana and Tim MacWelch through a variety of categories. The pair of survival experts give their tips for security, defense, shelter, cooking, fire, and x-factor. Listen to learn why triathlon goggles and… Read More

Episode 16: Bargain Preps

Monte Miles joins the team to discuss thrifty prepping strategies. You don’t have to break the bank to be ready for calamity. The team discusses…

Episode 15: TEOTWAWKI Scenarios

In the spirit of the holidays, the team discusses the possibilities of human extinction. Moreover, the team discusses how exactly humanity and society may fail.…